Enjoy Authentic Italian Food


Chef Jeremy Wade and his culinary team prepare food and drinks in collaboration with our farmers, ranchers, millers and local artisans that will represent classically influenced yet modern Italian food.

Our goal is to offer outstanding rustic fare with innovative flavor combinations and artful presentations inspired by Italian Cuisine and specifically the food of Napoli (Naples).  Each day, the Napoli Italian Eatery team uses these locally sourced and influenced ingredients to create exceptional, hand-made pastas that are truly unique.  We mix and rollout the dough, create shapes and craft some of the most delicate pastas.

In addition to incredible dishes, Napoli Italian Eatery offers an Italian focused but globally sourced wine list to complement Chef Wade’s flavors. With a variety of styles, the list is appropriate for the casual weeknight dinner highlighting the flavors of our gastronomic creations. With exemplary service to round out the Eatery, Napoli is a comfortable and approachable restaurant with a dynamic offering of Italian Food and Beverages.

Sometimes the labor of love that goes into a restaurant is so palpable you can taste it in the food.